What to Expect While On the HCG Diet

In the weight loss world, the idea of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, or more publicly known just as HCG, has become increasingly popular with dieters and doctors alike. Many users of this injectable hormone sing the praises of the miracle drug that is HCG, but although it does seem to show results, is taking so strong of a hormone outside of what is naturally produced always a good idea?

There are many exhibited benefits but in my experience, anything you are putting into the body that is not already being naturally produced should be taken with extreme caution. Each of our bodies have differing levels of enzymes and hormones for explicit reasons, and adding extra elements into the mix can prove harmful in some cases while in others, they may prove successful. Although HCG may be showing temporary results in some individuals, look into this rapid weight loss drug with a grain of salt.

Years and years ago, doctors studied and discovered that a hormone that a woman’s body naturally emitted when pregnant was released that could burn fat while leaving the surrounding muscle undisturbed. The body’s natural reason for doing so was to emphasize the steady stream of nutrients and nourishment going into the still growing baby, even when the mother was not eating.

The human body has large amounts of fat storage available all over, and the hormone released into a woman’s body called HCG was shown to attack those fat storage areas and practically deplete them while still leaving the muscle left behind. The hormone would trigger noticeably rapid weight loss as a result, and it brought up the inevitable question to on-looking doctors: what if we applied this hormone to people who are NOT pregnant?

The doctors tried it out and what they discovered was that for the most part, it worked. When introduced to the body, the hormones went to work and helped the study participants reach their weight loss goals, pushing their bodies to drop several pounds and inches within a single week.

Participants were shown to have lost as much as half to a single pound per day when on the hormone, provided they stuck to a precise and very strict dietary plan.

To achieve the rapid weight loss as described above, hormone users were told to stick to a daily diet of as little as 500 calories, which as you can guess, is enough to leave any normal person starving. When I only eat 500 calories, I want to scream at anyone near me because as we all know, “Hanger” is a very real and dangerous thing (Hunger + Anger = Hanger).

The idea behind the strict diet of 500 calories is that when you are taking the hormone injections, your body naturally decides it does not need that much extra food to get by. The hormone tells your brain that it can use less “freshly added” energy and just turn to the reserve body fat storage areas for fuel instead. This rewiring of the body’s energy usage system is why HCG attacks body fat and results in such stark and rapid weight loss. The body craves less food, and when on the hormone additive, 500 calories actually feels like enough, and from what I have discovered, does not leave you feeling tired or weak.

However, any diet that limits you to 500 calories a day for 8 weeks (that’s how long a diet + injection cycle is supposedly to be) is going to make you lose pounds and inches. While the hormones may show direct results to your body fat content, it is the lower intake of calories that is doing most of the leg work. Even without the hormone injections, you can lose weight from cutting your calorie count.

In my experience, only in a few explicit circumstances should HCG hormone injections be considered. For people who are obese and severely overweight who want to get down to a reasonable waist size so that they can safely exercise, this could be an option worth discussing with your doctor. However for people looking just to lose as vanity fat (20 pounds, even as much as 40), injecting your body with a hormone that should not otherwise be present is a dangerous idea that may present unnecessary risk to your long term health.

The issue with this particular hormone is that although it helps the body drop pounds and inches through its rapid weight loss abilities, what can it really do for the long term? Participants were shown to have lost the weight while on the hormone, but after the regiment of hormone injections were over, and the strict diet ended, the participants would just regain the weight.

Cutting the calorie count in your daily intake is a method that even without HCG injections is proven to work. So before you decide to start pumping your abdomen with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, think about how achievable your weight loss goal is if you went for it naturally.


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