I Can Never Leave My Xbox.

A copy of this story was posted onto Xbox-chipz.co.uk


I can never leave my Xbox. I can never leave my Xbox, not because I hate the world outside, or because I can’t make friends at work, or because I can’t function without a controller in between my hands…I can never leave my Xbox– because I am in love.

We met online a few weeks ago. We were placed onto the same teams while playing Zombie Vampire Warlock Slayer 6, and as soon as I saw her avatar on the screen I already kind of knew she was the one.

I was a level 41 Wizard Hunter, and she was a level 86 Marauder-Bard-Sorceress with the Gamer tag “KissBiscuit87”. When the round started and I took off running in one direction to start hunting for respawn points so that I could rack up some quick kills, she was following me. At first I was a little annoyed that another player was shadowing me so closely and might give away my plan, but when I was moving behind a barrel of grain that would serve as my vantage point protection, and a Zombie Warlock jumped out to bite me, she obliterated it before it even had a chance to roar. That happened three more times in that match, and each of those times pushed me more and more over the edge for how I felt about KissBiscuit87. She was not trying to shadow me– she was trying to protect me.

Ever since that first encounter with each other we have played through many games and had many adventures together. After a few more rounds that night with each other being on the same teams, she sent me a private Clan request, so that we would be notified whenever either of us were playing online games at the same time. I was so nervous when I got her request, that I panicked and unplugged my internet connection. Why would this experienced and I assume beautiful player want to keep playing with me? After a few trips to my mini-fridge for some Mountain Dew, I plugged my internet back in, and the request was still there, but now it was accompanied by an attached message! Hesitantly, I opened it:

“I lyk Ur Style N think U R gr8t playr. Co-Op Campaign w/ just da 2 of Us?”

I could feel my heart trying to jump out of my mouth. This level 86 Marauder-Bard-Sorceress was totally into me, and I wasn’t sure why, but I was so excited by the idea of who was on the other side of the message. What did she look like? What was she into? And why does she want a mediocre player like me to be her companion? The thought of what “could be” immediately got me hooked, and ever since that night a few weeks ago, we’ve been through it all: Winning, loosing, tie matches, and several run throughs of the story mode in co-op mode. KissBiscuit87 and I spent all of our evenings together for the past few weeks.

It wasn’t as intense back then, the way I feel about KissBiscuit87. I wouldn’t ever have said I was in love then, but I certainly would now. We used to just be playing online together, but then it became a few messages being sent back and forth, with her asking me questions and me answering them. She never wanted to do voice chatting, though. Probably because we were busy winning all the online matches together. Whenever I asked, she said she preferred just text chatting onscreen because of her sleeping roommate. Her roommate always seemed to be asleep…

As the time went on, she began to ask more and more personal questions about me, and with each question, my love for her grew deeper. She asked how many siblings I had and what their names were. I answered. She asked what the name of my first pet was. I answered. She asked what the name of the street was that I grew up on. I also answered. I felt like this girl, even though I never met her in person or saw her face, was really and genuinely interested in getting to know me.

A few nights ago, she mentioned to me that she had this hobby of guessing people’s credit card numbers using only the pin numbers as her only hint to go off of. I was intrigued, so I told her mine, but she couldn’t create a correct guess for my own card number, even after several and more hints. I thought maybe my first credit card she tried guessing was too hard, so I gave her the answer, and then tried it with a different card. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings with the fact that this was such a boring hobby, so we kept playing her card number guessing game. This must have been a new hobby for her, because we went through all of my cards and she couldn’t guess a single one! It was alright though, I just wanted to get back to slaying more Zombie Warlocks.

Once I ran out of cards and I gave her the correct card numbers with their corresponding pin code hints, she said she had to go take care of something and that she would be back online soon.

That was 5 days ago, and I have been playing online ever since. I’m out of Mountain Dew, but I can’t leave my house because I know that she is coming back, I just know it. I can never leave my Xbox, I just can’t. What if she hops back online and she’s looking for me but I’m not there? KissBiscuit87 and I are a perfect team, and I need to be here when she logs back in. She won’t respond to any my messages that I keep sending her, but she’ll be back shortly…right?


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