6 Reasons You Should Reconsider using Daycare for Your Child

There has always been a heated debate over how both mom and dad should care for their child in the early years of growth and development, especially with working parents. Do you hire a nanny? Hope you live close enough to enlist Grandma? Or enroll your child in a daycare?

Below are a few of the facts that you should know about just how effective and long term beneficial a high quality daycare can be for baby, and Mom, and Dad.


Less stress on mom and dad.

Having to leave your child behind so that you can head off to work is immensely difficult for parents, and doing so will leave a nagging feeling in the back of one’s mind of guilt, absence, and an endless stream of “what if” scenarios about your child’s future –all just because of you not being around because you had to go to work during your child’s early years. Leaving your child behind is a stressful decision, but when taking your child to a high quality daycare, the anxiety and stress that is otherwise caused will quickly evaporate.

Having your child be enrolled in a high quality daycare center melts away the stress and anxiety because you know you are leaving your little loved one in capable and caring hands. You can meet your child’s daytime caretakers face to face and know exactly where your child will be and what they will be up to while you are away at work. That kind of peace of mind is more than enough to help calm the nerves for experienced and new parents alike.


Reliable, stable, and constant.

One of the biggest differences between having a single nanny and a staff of experienced daycare takers is the quantity of the crew. With a single nanny, if she is unavailable when you need her, then you are out of luck and must scramble through the rolodex to find a replacement in time so that you can head to work to give that big presentation. If your nanny calls out, then your entire care team is gone, and you are left to make due. Having a full staff of experienced childcare workers however, does not leave gaps open for such mishaps.

Having multiple caretakers takes the surprise out of the unplanned for “I’m sick and can’t watch your child today” phone call. While people get sick and fall under the weather all the time, having one person on the daycare staff list call out will not affect your big presentation day at work. Why? There are simply more hands on deck than just one single nanny.

Along with being sick, you do not have to worry about vacations or days off with daycare centers, as they have established schedules and rotational shifts for workers so that your child will have an endless stream of care. Whenever you need daycare for your little one, childcare services from a high quality daycare is the way to go.


Less expensive.

When discussing a nanny, an unignorable issue is the cost. One single nanny can be quite costly in the long run, but depending on where you live and the specific daycare center that you decide upon, you could end up saving quite a bit by enrolling your child in a daycare center, without pulling back on the quality.

It is true that a nanny can provide quality care for your child in a one on one setting, but it is very expensive to keep a round the clock live-in nanny on retainer, and even more for a full time live-out nanny.


Quality and high-end care.

A misconception that is often shared is that daycare centers are not equipped to provide quality care for children. While there are locations that claim to be “high quality care centers” that clearly are not, and all one needs to do to find that out is to simply visit the location in question to dispel that claim. Despite some daycare centers stretching the truth on what they can provide, there are many genuinely high quality and well respected daycare centers all over the place, many of which are located near you.

Another misconception is that daycare centers won’t give children the individual attention they need, which is an issue that can cause stress for mom and dad. This rumor is spread around a lot, but the truth of the matter is that there will more than likely be too many hands on deck in some daycare centers, which is not a bad thing by any means. The balances and ratios of child to teachers are a frequently addressed concern for parents, and to combat this concern, high quality daycare centers staff their locations appropriately.


They don’t just play all day.

Despite what one might hear whispered around town, daycare centers are not daytime prisons for children with toys scattered about to amuse them until their parents return to claim them at the end of the day. In reality, many of the staff members are all equipped with proper educational backgrounds in developmental studies for children. This education that is many times required by higher quality daycare centers creates an environment that uses each and every day to its fullest potential for your child by taking the opportunity to teach your child the basics and fundamentals of education to match their developmental processes.

In other words, your child does more than just play, they learn a lot all day from more than capable staffers, and have fun while doing it!


Socializing for baby, and mom and dad too!

One of the biggest pros to enrolling your child in a daycare program is the socialization. Placing your child in proximity with other children about their age is a critical move that many other parents are not moving forward with. By placing your child around other kids early on, they are learning the skills to be able to interact comfortably with others when it comes time to begin their academic journey in their near futures.

What does socialization mean for mom and dad? It could very well mean a new friendship for them too: A playdate for baby means a playdate for both sets of parents, and could even evolve into lifelong friendships for baby and parents alike.



There are many misconceptions that are spread around, most of which were started by a parent that investigated a “daycare center” that offered less than was advertised. The truth of the matter is that high quality daycare programs offer and present you and your child with the skills and freedoms needed to reach both parent’s and baby’s full potential. While mom and dad are away at work, baby is busy learning, growing, and having fun at daycare all day, which means that both parties are making themselves into their best selves all day. When looked into and researched with enough care, finding a daycare center that meets your needs as well as budget is a lot closer to your reach than you may have realized.


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