Product Review: Partner Extreme 80 Rucksack

First look:

A traveler is only as durable as his bag, and the Partner: Extreme 80 Rucksack bag is as durable as it gets. Designed specifically with the modern outdoorsman and globe-trekker in mind, the Partner: Extreme 80 Rucksack bag has the storage space, comfort, ruggedness, and adjustability needed to keep up with whatever needs you might have for it.

Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, mountain climbing, or even just to keep fully loaded and stashed away for emergency situations, the Partner: Extreme 80 Rucksack bag is the perfect companion to follow you were ever the call of the wild might beckon you.


Features and Benefits:

  • Comes in 6 colors and camouflage patterns: Blue Tundra, Brown Forest, Urban Red, Nevada Brown, Desert Beige, and Digital Green.
  • Multiple adjustable straps and clips all over to ensure exact and precise comfort to your specific body type as you head off into the fray.
  • Easy to reach pouches and pockets so that your equipment is always available and within reach.
  • Includes designed-for-comfort backing and shoulder straps so that when the time comes that you are sporting your own Partner: Extreme 80 Rucksack bag for long periods of time, your heavy load and burden will feel light and comfortable, leaving you feeling as if you aren’t wearing a loaded pack at all.
  • Gear fastening straps placed all over the bag keep all of your equipment held down and in place, giving you a smooth, comfortable and undisturbed transport.
  • Crafted with only the toughest exterior fabrics and materials so that you don’t have to worry about ripping or tearing when over-packing, or even when things get rocky and your bag comes into direct contact with the rough terrain.
  • Heavy duty zippers all throughout to keep your contents safe inside the bag at all times.
  • Available clipping points all over to fasten extra gear onto the outside of your bag such as carabiners, canteens, flashlights, and radios (all of which are not included with the Partner: Extreme 80 Rucksack bag).
  • Available lower back support to keep your lumbar comfortable for when using your Partner: Extreme 80 Rucksack bag carries on into multiple hour sessions.

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