Press Release: Green Bay Packers Football Live Score

The Green Bay Packers is one of the most well-known professional football teams known in the NFL. The National Football league lists them as the third-oldest franchise in existence, next to Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals. A lesser known fact about the multiple league championship winning Packers team is that they are the only non-profit franchise in the NFL, meaning that the community that surrounds them makes the decisions and calls the shots on the beloved Wisconsin football team.

Since 2006, Head Coach Mike McCarthy has been at the helm of the Green Bay Packers, leading the team that in the past has won 13 league championships and originated the Vince Lombardi Trophy (of which is historically named after their legendary Head Coach from 1959-67) to Super Bowl victory in 2010. The Green Bay Packers are certainly one of the most historic and unstoppable teams in the NFL today.

Tickets to see the green, white, and yellow clad Packers on the field is expensive. So expensive that many Green Bay fans can never see a game in person. Although snagging a seat in Lambeau Field may be out of the question for fans and football aficionados, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up on the game. With the Packers Game Live Score, you can track up to second plays that are constantly updated and ready with the latest information on the game. Everything from downs, player positions on the field, flags on the play, and of course timeouts and score changes are all available and ready for viewing on Packers Game Live Score.

There are many ways that you can get your hands on this constantly updating and resetting score tracker. It’s as easy as swiping on your mobile phone or device! By downloading applications such as the official Packers Mobile App, you can easily start tracking the Packers Live Score today! Besides up to second reports on the score and the game in progress, the app provides exclusive content such as breakdowns of player reports, stats, and interviews with the athletes and coaches, highlight reels, and post-game interviews and commentaries.

Besides the official app, there are many other fan created apps that offer exclusive content for and about the Wisconsin based sports team. There is SportsFusion – Green Bay Packers News Edition, Green Bay Packers Publications, the, and the official NFL Rivals mobile app. Besides using official applications, you can also check out online locations such as,,,, and as we mentioned earlier

All of these applications and mobile friendly websites work towards the same goal, which is to keep you, the fans, updated and armed with up to the second play-by-play information so that you can the live Packers football score. Staying updated on your favorite team in the NFC North Division no longer has to be hard or difficult or impossible. Just because you can’t make it into the stadium on game day or in front of your TV doesn’t mean you can’t stay on top of your true colors, because now you can take the score with you wherever you go.


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