How to Make a Calendar out of Cork Board

When it comes to organization, there really is no better way to stay on top of it all than having a calendar be ready and available to display all of your important and time sensitive reminders. When it comes to calendars, there are all kinds of different ways you can go: the one on your phone, the little pocket sized one that fits inside of a purse or coat, or even a giant wall-sized DIY cork board calendar that covers an entire wall at home!

Today we will take a look at the latter of the three calendar options we just listed, and show you that keeping things organized and in place can be a lot easier than you think. Here is how you can create and design your own cork board calendar at home.


Don’t be afraid to go a little nuts.

There are no real rules when it comes to designing and creating your calendar, especially when you are going to be the only one really using it! Just let your creativity flow and take you wherever you want it to go. You can spread out and go as big as an entire wall, or go as small as within the borders of a single picture frame. Whatever you do, have fun with it!


Getting started.

If you did happen to want to make a calendar more on the grandé side, there are multiple ways to go about it. One way, if you have the space available, is to sanction off a portion of the wall to serve as your calendar. It will allow you to have ample room to be as detailed or as inclusive as you want with your calendar!

Using cork as the backing for your calendar is by far the best way to go, as it can take being stuck hundreds of time by pins and needles and tacks and still not look like it was brutally assaulted. Cork is relatively easy to find and inexpensive to purchase, so procuring enough cork to cover the amount of wall you want covered should be a cinch.

Once you have your cork, you can tack it onto the wall itself, or glue it onto the inside of a large (and we mean large picture frame and then hang it up on the wall. Going the route of the large picture frame is easiest considering you can pick it up and move it later on if you so decide.


The entire month, or just a week?

Once the corkboard is ready, you can now set up your individual dates. Depending on how much space you have available, and how much available space you want per each day, you can either create enough spaces for a month (31 spaces) or if you want a smaller calendar, you can spring for a week (7 spaces). Hey, it’s your calendar, your rules –so choose whatever works best for you!

Regardless of which route you went, you can divide up your individual days using several different materials: tacked-on ribbon, neon colored tape, marker, strips of card stock, or just by leaving sizable gaps in between each day. However you want to border off each day, be sure to leave enough space to include details for each day’s reminders (sticky notes, dentist reminder cards, baseball tickets, and invitations!).


Don’t forget the movable numbers.

The last thing you’ll need is the option to be able to move the numerical dates around and rearrange them, especially if you went the route of having your calendar display the entire month. As you know by now, the 24th of the month may be on a Tuesday this month, but not next time or the month after that.

Consider tacking a square of Velcro onto the back of your numbers and onto the board itself for easy access to move and rearrange your dates when needed, as well as the month labels.


Once you have your calendar all set up, all you need now are events and reminders to fill it up with! That part is the easiest and of course, the most fun. Who doesn’t love a filled up and organized calendar?


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