How to get Quick Followers on Instagram


Instagram, when used correctly, can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when it comes to establishing your online presence with potential customers, fans, or just plain bragging rights.

Here is how to get quick followers in Instagram that not only follow your accounts, but continue to like and comment on your posts, and even share your images.


Interact and be social.

You would be surprised by the amount of power contained in the simple act of just tapping a single image twice in a row. By “liking” someone else’s post, or by just placing a comment, you are sending them a notification that your profile exists, and also letting them know that you like what they got going on.

The more posts you like that were posted by various Instagrammers, the more notification links back to your own profile you are sending. Give a little, and they’ll give a little back.


Hashtag bursts will only get you so far.

Too often we see under a single picture a huge paragraph of #hashtags. These hashtags are for the most part very irrelevant to the picture itself, and irrelevance happens, it makes the account holder appear desperate for profile attention.

When posting an image, consider using only the most relevant hashtags to your upload. Less is more, and the more precise and relevant your hashtags are, the more likely that someone who is looking for what you’ve got going on will see it, like it, and start following your profile.


Stick to an established brand.

Instagram users aren’t very big fans of various, random, and unpredictable content. They know exactly what they want, and will follow, like, and comment on the profiles that give that too them.

If you are a foodie account, then post primarily photos of food and food related images. If you are a movie or TV show account, then post behind-the-scenes content related to the show, etc.…

Use your bio at the top of your account page to get quick followers in Instagram. Let users know exactly the kind of content you will be uploading, and the right users will come to you. Keep your posts connected to your established brand, and try not to deviate too far from it. Do this, and fans of your brand will come.


Pay for a sponsored post.

If you are really hard pressed to find followers, then there is still hope.  You can pay for a promoted post that targets your desired users so that your upload will appear in their newsfeed, guaranteed. Although unconventional, it’s a solid plan on how to get quick followers in Instagram. It’s not a promise that you will receive a “like” from your promoted post, but you will have your profile and selected image be met by numerous views.


Post in your audiences’ peak times.

Another tip for how to get quick followers in Instagram is to find out when your audience will most likely be online and scrolling through their newsfeeds.

An example: If you are targeting individuals you eventually want to convert into customers, note that people with money are generally working jobs, so post in the evenings when they are becoming off duty or early in the morning before they get into work.

Know your desired audience and try to predict when a majority of them will be online. The more eyes that see your post, the more likely you will have them see and follow your account.


Gaining new followers on Instagram is no easy feat, but if you stick to the principles of knowing what exactly your desired audience wants to see, then you can easily gain and keep followers with your accounts, and keep that number continuously growing.



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