7 Reasons Why You Need Jasmine Tea in Your Life

Originally posted onto Tabelog.com 4/20/16


Jasmine tea, unlike what many of us have thought, is not really a kind of tea, but rather an additive placed and infused into an already made and separate tea. Starting with a base of either green or sometimes black tea, the jasmine flower is then added into the tea, and with it, all of the natural benefits that this beautiful and fragrant flower has to offer.

Below are some of the many benefits that we can profit from by regularly drinking jasmine infused tea. 

Aids weight loss 

Jasmine tea, and pretty much green tea in general is known for being high in a compound known as “Catechins”, which are known to aid in the dissolvent of body fat and lowering of overall BMI (Body Mass Index).

A study was done back in 2005 where food scientists (yes, there are food scientists out there) had two groups, one that consumed large quantities of green tea high in catechins and the other without the green tea for a period of time. The result of the test was to see whether or not the consumption of teas high in catechins would result in a lowering of body fat, and sure enough, it was in fact proved true.6370-article_item


Jasmine has a signature scent that is instantly recognizable as soon as it hits your nose. This scent is often extracted and mixed into candles, air fresheners, soaps, and anything else that is meant to make your air smell sweeter for a reason, and that reason is to calm you down.

Implementing a kind of Zen feeling when breathed in, jasmine is used often in aromatherapy because it has potential to calm you down. The soothing scent relaxes the mind and as a result, soothes the rest of the body to unwind. It’s in all of those candles and air fresheners for a reason.

High in antioxidants

Antioxidants are designed to naturally keep your cells happy and healthy, and jasmine tea is loaded with ‘em. With such high amounts of anti-oxidants within the Jasmin, drinking this particular kind of tea regularly even has proven to lower the chances of contracting cancer due to the boost in cell health it provides over the course of regular ingestion.

Like any other natural health booster, no promises are guaranteed, but having jasmine tea be a regularly consumed beverage can only help your chances at keeping your cells strong and healthy against free radicals, chemical agents that have potential to harm cells. Having a recurring intake of antioxidants is the natural fighter of these harmful free radicals, so drink up!


Helps prevent the aging of skin cells

Speaking of antioxidants promoting healthy and strong cells, it also focuses in on keeping your skin cells appearing tight and smooth in appearance. As we age, the elasticity of our skin becomes more and more present, and occurs even faster for those of us who partake in being around or consuming foreign agents into our bodies such as smoking or drinking.

By drinking Jasmine tea regularly and all the antioxidants that come along with it, the cells of your skin are among the many beneficiaries that will profit from your beverage choice.

Aids and promotes healthier circulation

Continuing on with the many benefits of consuming the large quantities that jasmine tea bears within its fragrant leaves, the antioxidants it provides also have proven to assist with lowering blood pressure for those with hypertension as well as prevent harmful clotting.

The free radicals that exist everywhere around us have potential to harm our bodies in minuscule and almost unobservable ways, for example in your veins and arteries. Free radicals are one of the reasons that blockage can occur in your arteries, as well as a constriction of some of your many blood pathways. When this happens, your blood pressure rises, which means your heart has to work harder to push your blood around.

Jasmine tea and its high level of antioxidants can assist in lowering your blood pressure and clear up blockages due to its fighting off of free radicals. The more often you regularly partake in a dose of jasmine infused tea, the better of a fighting chance your body has to fight off higher blood pressure and harmful clotting within your blood pathways.

Good for the heart

As we mentioned in the last benefit, the heart has to work harder to send blood through the right passages within your body when you have higher blood pressure (hypertension). To avoid having your heart work that much harder to do its job, have your blood pressure get lowered, which is possible by drinking jasmine tea regularly.

Having your heart work in overtime just to do its job is not something you want to put yourself through. It’s designed to do its job only so well and so efficiently, so having it double up on how hard it works can only be a temporary fix at best. To avoid having your heart pump in overdrive, focus on bringing down your blood pressure and clearing up your arteries. The antioxidants within jasmine tea is what you want here, because they fight off the free radicals that may be part of the reason that you have blockages in the first place. So unless you want a heart attack or even a stroke, replace that glass of whiskey with a cup of jasmine tea, and you can thank us later.

Cold & flu prevention

Although we have sung the praises of how high jasmine tea’s concentration of antioxidants is, it has even more to offer: it’s high in antibacterial and antiviral properties too! This translates into a prevention of airborne illnesses such as colds, influenza, and even the flu!

Regular drinkers will benefit from not only prevention, but also faster recovery from these illnesses. Although it’s not a guaranteed prevention, it’s definitely can lower your chances of contracting these pesky and day ruining illnesses.


In case you haven’t picked up on what we’re getting at, jasmine tea is a miracle elixir that does a lot more than just taste fantastic and smell invigorating. It boosts your health and how well it can prevent illness, and also assist in calming you down as soon as you breathe it in.

As far as health aids and medicinal drinks go, jasmine tea is by far at the top of the list in terms of preferable methods of ingestion. So get in the habit of pouring yourself a cup regularly, because the best way to benefit from this miracle flower is by a habitual intake. Enjoy!


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