5 Reasons Self-Driving Cars Aren’t such a Horrible Idea

Originally posted onto Tastemakercollectivemedia.com 3/10/16


Who doesn’t love the idea of a self-driving car? Total Recall, iRobot, the Batmobile, and even that car in the beginning of The Incredibles…these movies, among dozens of others, all taught us all one thing: Our lives are incomplete without a self-driving car. Although there are still a few folks out there who aren’t totally sold on the idea, here are a few of the many reasons that self-driving cars are a great way to go.

Text, Double Tap, and Swipe All You Want

The biggest complaint out there right now is that everybody is has their eyes locked down at their phones everywhere they go. While they wait in lines, while they walk and bump into each other in public, most notably even when they are behind the wheel of their cars. With this blight of around-the-clock phone obsession that is sweeping the globe, wouldn’t it be a good idea to take the responsibility of driving whilst texting, swiping, and double tapping while driving away from motorists?

Minimize “Accidents” from Bad Judgment Calls

When we make a mistake or due to a lack of better judgement, a common response we give is along the lines of “What, I’m only human!”. Well, take the fact that we are flawed 90% of the time (Give or take) and apply it to driving and voila! You now have errorless robots doing it for you.

With programing designed specifically to minimize mistakes that lead to what we call “Accidents”, the amount of collisions that we would normally be involved in during the course of an average year is cut down to almost zero! (I can’t say exactly zero because robots can still make mistakes too. What do you expect? Their only robots!)

Never Get Lost with GPS Integration with your Smartphone

Aren’t you tired of driving to your friend’s new house in a new neighborhood and not knowing your way around? You might even get close but in order to pin down which of the houses on the street you are on are really your friend’s house, and you have to turn the radio down to see more clearly? Well never again with self-driving cars! We know GPS systems are coming standard issue in every car these days, but having your car be completely GPS driven removes all possibility of you ever getting lost. We’re sure that you can just shout “Take me to my boy Jerome’s new house!” and when science catches up, your self-driving car will know exactly where to take you. It’ll even know which Jerome you were talking about!

Horrible Drivers are No Longer a Safety Concern on The Road

For those of us who have been driving all our lives, the “horrible driver” is no foreign concept to us. Cutting across three different lanes in one single wheel jerk, slamming down on the brakes just 4 feet from the stop sign, driving 30 miles-per-hour under the speed limit…these are just some of the many sins that are committed daily by the “horrible driver”. If you can’t spot a horrible driver the next time you are out cruising, then chances are, it may be you.

However, you can avoid any and all crisis from these hap hazardous motorists by taking the driving experience and standardizing it! If all vehicles on the road drove exactly the same way, then there will be no more speeding, no more cutting people off in traffic, no more tail gaiting, and no more slow pokes.

All cars on the road will travel with the same driving values, and that leads us to our final point as well as the most important–

No More Traffic

Traffic is caused by motorists who are driving too slow or too fast, unsuccessful cutting people off, unplanned car collisions, and unexpected car malfunctions. The self-driving car is something that could have potential to eliminate all of the above.

By taking speed issues out of the equation by standardizing speeds of all cars on the road, it removes the need to have to speed and weave through traffic like a scene from 2 Fast 2 Furious, as well as force drivers who like to take life slowly to get with the program and pick up the pace.

The self-driving car also communicates with other self-driving cars, taking guess work out of the situation, which means a surprise wedge-in from that truck in front of you will no longer lead to a collision due to the fact that your car was made aware of its plan to change lanes before it even started moving towards you. This car-to-car automatic communication eliminates the human made errors that cause accidents and car on car collisions.

Lastly, for those who think you can make it all the way to your destination on nothing but the fumes of gas still left in your tank, and due to your lack of foresight are now stranded in the middle of the freeway causing a 6 mile traffic back-up, your car won’t let you do that anymore. Instead, it will politely take you to the nearest gas station and force you to fill the tank. Come on driver, plan better next time.


So pretty much, all driving issues are our faults as humans, and the less we and our finite judgment is involved, the safer our roads and travels will be.

For those reading this on your smartphones, you can pull forward now. The light just turned green.


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