Quenching the masses with Charity: Water

Featured image courtesy of Charity: Water.

Taking clean water for granted

We living out our lives here in The West don’t spend a single second worrying about whether or not any water will come out of our spigots when we turn on the shower in the mornings, or even how thirsty we could be if the faucets ceased to produce when we twist the knob marked “C” for cold. Our daily routines that we hold so close to our hearts would all be thrown out of whack. We take for granted just how much water we use, waste, and have access to everyday. It’s not our fault that we have become so numb to noticing its abundance– we have had access to it all of our lives.

Think of what our lives would be like if you woke up knowing that water was no longer running through the pipes that surround the under workings of your home. Now forget about having the option of going to Costco to pick up a case of clean water. Getting nervous now?

This is just a fraction of a glimpse of a daily worry that 663 million people worldwide suffer from: no access to clean water. Their only chance of usable water is five miles away on foot, and they make the trek every day so that they can have a chance to fill their small plastic jugs with just enough sustenance to provide for their families. These people, about 1 out of every 10 if you simplified the numbers down, have genuine worry everyday about when the next time their thirst will be quenched for themselves and the rest of their families.

Charity: Water

Enter the Charity: Water organization– A nonprofit solely devoted to the cause of providing usable water sources for people who otherwise are without. Digging wells, providing rainwater collectors, and other means of water production for those who otherwise cannot is the aim of Charity: Water, and so far they have done nothing but bring smiles and life back to the people of Eastern and Western Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Central America, with many more to name – and they’re just getting started.

Through the generosity of the millions of people around the world who do have access to running clean water, Charity: Water raised $43.4 million in 2014 alone (with direct support from NFL players, Ferrari race car drivers, and even the ever thoughtful online Reddit community “Shower Thoughts”), people all over the world are rooting for the clean water initiative.

Natalia – 15 year old president in Mozambique

When Charity: Water installs a clean water system in any area, they have the community elect a governing group to run the pump. Run it operationally, mechanically, financially and hygienically. The positions that need to be filled by the local community by election are for a mechanic, a hygienist, a tax collector, a chairman, and in charge of it all, a president.

The winner of the community election for president was Natalia, a fifteen year-old girl. Upon being asked why she was chosen over the others, she responded “I was chosen because I know how to read and write…but also I can maintain progress.”

When it comes to running households in these parts of the world, the responsibility of who goes out and fetches the water falls onto the shoulders of women and girls. This means that it is that much more unlikely that females in these areas are not being as educated as they certainly can be, if at all. With having access to clean and running water so close to their homes, that many more girls, just like Natalia, can go to school and open up the world to them with opportunities for the rest of their lives.

It all starts with having accessible clean water sources. Clean water is much more than the ability to wash and cook and drink, it’s a major halt in everyday activities to not have water. You can help keep the world moving by getting involved with Charity: Water and donating, big or small. For about $30, you can bring clean water to a community that otherwise does not have water, and 100% percent of donations go straight to the cause.

So next time you are enjoying a nice long shower followed by a tall glass of ice water while boiling a pot of water on the stovetop, think of how your life would be like in a world with without accessible hydration.


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