What Apple’s purchase of this artificial intelligence tech company means for you

Originally posted onto Newsaratti.com 1/8/16


It was confirmed today that Apple Inc., the giver of all things useful that begin with the letter “i”, has acquired tech startup “Emotient”, a company that creates and uses artificial intelligence for programming software.

The software “Emotient” is most known for is their AI (artificial intelligence) programs, theirs specializing in the ability to read facial expressions and emotions by scans and image displays.

Apple spokespeople refused to comment directly on any of the dealings and future goal. They did however release a statement saying that Apple “buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss or purpose or plans.”

With very little being shared with the public on either side of the deal, have no clue as to what plans may be in the works for Apple and this new acquisition, but with what we do know, we can easily speculate as to what the possibilities can be. Upgraded facial recognition for iPhone cameras for the newest generation of phones that can unlock by the users simply presenting a specific facial expression? An upgraded Siri that can communicate better with its user by telling what kind of mood they are in? Or even an Emoji picker that can, based on your facial expression, will pick the most appropriate Emoji to send via text.

Speculations of what the software itself could lead to, the merging of the two companies provides access for combinations of many of the other companies that Apple has acquired in the early and not so distant past. In the past year, Apple set out to upgrade its digital personal assistant, Siri. The project set out to have more options for Siri to understand via voice command. In effort to make this so, Apple acquired British tech company “VocallQ” with an emphasis on upgrading Siri’s ability to understand more user given speech commands and prompts.

Apple has been eager to reach out and acquire what would be considered “outside help” when it comes to upgrading its already existing projects, some of which we see the results of right away and others we wait in anticipation of what it may lead to. Last fall, Apple acquired another company called “Metaio”, a German company specializing in Augmented Reality, a software that overlays digital images over real life images. The sale went through, however we have yet to hear or see any results from the merger.

Apple has many irons in the fire when it comes to impending unveilings, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that I wait in great anticipation for what may be revealed in the future.


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