The next big thing: Breast Milk Jewelry

Originally posted onto 2/10/16


Just when you thought the world was out of original ideas, a new outlook on the world of possible things to make into jewelry has emerged: breast milk jewelry.

You read that correctly, jewelry creator JoBri Milk Charms specializes in, once you send her a sample of your own motherly substance, creating a jewel out of your very own breast milk. With the end result varying in aesthetics as various as color, opaqueness, and pattern, no final product will look alike.

The idea for this very-much-not-so mainstream jewelry line stems from the idea that as a mother, one would like a keep sake from their breast feeding experience. A beautiful sentiment, their angle on the alternative jewelry product line is, according to their Facebook page, that “Everyone’s breastfeeding experience is different, just like Milk Charms, no two are exactly alike. Each charm is unique.”

Run out of Lake Jackson Texas, these jewelry makers don’t limit themselves to just breastmilk when it comes to finding unconventional ways to commemorate the bond of newfound motherhood. Also available to alternative gem seekers is the service of making placenta and umbilical cords into preserved pieces of wearable jewelry.

For those thinking that sporting anything that isn’t pulled from deep underground as jewelry is absurd, rest assured that the final pieces made by Jo Bri Milk Charms are actually unrecognizable from their original states, and are quite astounding as compared to what one would assume such a piece of immortalized human experience would look like.


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