Smartwatches of the future that are available to you today

Originally posted onto 1/8/16


The following are a list of the top rated luxury smartwatches currently available, starting with what is affordable and then rising absolutely luxurious and extravagant. These tiny powerhouses can pretty much do it all. From giving you turn by turn navigation, checking your pulse while counting your steps, giving you restaurant reviews and also an option to play games, let’s just hope after all of these features, your watch can still tell you what time it is.

LG – “G Watch – R”

Price: $330


For those not wanting a piece of wrist wear that looks quite obvious as a smart watch, then the G-Watch by tech leaders LG is a place to begin the search. A round face encased in stainless steel, the device at first glance very much looks like that of an analog watch. The possible downside of this particular watch is its size. For those with thicker wrists, the face of the watch is not a problem to be bothered by, but for those, such as myself whose wrists are on the thinner side, this particular piece of tech may appear a tad on the bulky side.

Waterproof dustproof, and to a point, impact proof, this for the price, is one of the better smartwatches available, and although it has the look of one of the more pricey smartwatches available, the LG “G Watch – R” certainly has doesn’t have the price of one.

Tag Heuer – “Connected”

Price: $1500

taghauerTo not be left out of the competition for whose smart watch should you buy first, the globally trusted watch makers and designers of Tag Heuer formed a collaboration with smooth OS makers Google, and trusted software makers Intel and together produced the beautiful and first of its kind smartwatch: the Tag Heuer Connected.

For those looking for the familiar look and feel of a Tag Heuer wristwatch, but wanting the new functionalities and capabilities of a wearable computer, this watch was made for you. Although the only band options are of vulcanized rubber and nothing else, the bands do come in black and white colors, as well as green, red, blue, orange, yellow.

The fit is by far the most comfortable of all the other products available, as could be expected from a brand such as Tag Heuer. Although it is bulky in size, taking up a majority of even the thickest of wrists, its weight is the most shocking, even to its competitors—It is extremely light.

This watch certainly is one of the best luxury smartwatches available and it accomplished what it meant to do: be a beautiful smartwatch that doesn’t look like an obvious smartwatch. Certainly the most beautiful piece of wearable tech available, the Tag Heuer “Connected” is the one we reach for when it comes to which luxury smartwatch to wear tonight.

Frederique Constant – Horological Watch

Price: $995

constantWhen we think smartwatch, we usually think of something along the lines of a completely interactive experience with notifications, smartphone connection abilities, and a touch screen interface. After all, this is what a smartphone is, isn’t it?

Frederique Constant’s latest piece of wearable tech is anything but what we are used to when we think of smartwatches but rather it lies right in the middle of analog and smart. With the watch itself truly being a classic Swiss watch with all of the essential parts of a classical watch being present, the only difference between this this time piece and the bulky smartwatches out you see on every millennials wrist is that this watch has a tiny computer added to the already classic and analog watch. That is the key difference.

With the watch itself not having any fancy gimmicks such as pop up notifications or even a touchscreen anywhere around its beautiful exterior, this particular watch qualifies as a smartwatch in that it has a abilities to track sleep progress, count your steps, and even set itself as you enter different time zones, –all due to the watches ability to link up via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

This watch is perfect for one who is on the fence about how they could benefit from a smartwatch but still want the classic look and trust of a Swiss watch. Oh, and due to its lack of bright and shiny touch screen and options to check Twitter, it makes up for its shortcomings with a 2 year battery life. Definitely ideal watch for the tech lover who doesn’t need an update of the World Wide Web every 30 seconds.




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