‘Roli’ Reimagines the Musicians Keyboard for the 21st Century

Originally posted onto Newsaratti.com 1/26/16


Closing the gap between the developers and their musically inclined consumers, London based Startup Company ‘Roli” is leading the way reimagining how a single note can be played.

A company that keeps the users in mind of their products, Roli is known for their flagship product, the Seaboard, which is a 5-dimensional keyboard for musicians to create sounds of all different instruments, octaves, and pitches, and switch between or even blend them with ease.

The keyboard itself is astounding in that although it looks like it is nothing more than a rubberized 49 keyed fingerboard, it is a marvel of musical technology. Depending on whatever plugins you run through its software, you can, with very minimal effort, play any note in any style in any fashion you can think of with the touch sensitive “C-Interface” of the Seaboard.

The keyboard itself is remarkable in that there are multiple ways in which to play a single note, giving the user of the board creative reign over the sound.

With its 5D touch, a single sound from Roli’s Seaboard can be played differently. With a single note having the option to be played with a finger strike, finger press, glide, slide, or even lift off of the keys, the sounds and combinations that can be made are seemingly limitless, making Roli a product to be very much desired by musicians.

The Seaboard comes in two differing versions available through its online store, with one of the two versions having size options. The Seaboard Rise 49 (To be released in February) and the Seaboard Rise 29 is the most user friendly, and recommended for musicians who want to jump right in and start making music. The other set of instruments from Roli is the Seaboard Grand, which comes in three sizes, but all contain the same specs and capabilities. The Grand comes in Studio size, Stage, and Limited First Edition, which is the longest available keyboard from Roli with an astounding 88 keys.


There is also an iPhone app from Roli that lets you experiment with the keyboard and its many abilities as if you actually owned your own Seaboard, and it’s free on the App Store now.

Roli has produced several products since their inception in 2009, all catering to the music making community. With instruments that can match any sound to fit into any genre, it’s no wonder the Roli brand sails under the flag that proudly reads “Make Music Now”.


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