Email Marketing – Why your digital flyers just aren’t working

Originally posted onto 1/19/16


In a world where everything that meets the eye is an advertisement, the number one challenge of business owners and product pushers is finding a way to break through the all the clutter. Utilizing and taking advantage of every avenue available in which to get your message out to everyone about your businesses service is marketing 101, but one of the most common and easiest to reach areas of advertisement is also one of the trickiest: Email Advertising.

When using direct to inbox advertising, the fear of any business owner is that their carefully crafted message will go forever unseen and ignored as it sails straight past the recipient’s inbox and into the infamous SPAM folder – the Email Marketers worst nightmare. To avoid the trap of being just another email ad, the step that must be taken is personalization. Although this will not guarantee success for your promotional message, it will certainly give your email the extra edge it needs to crack through the wall of countless other email ads, and raise the chances that your message will actually be seen and considered.

The issue with Email Marketing is that your message is just one of about forty messages identical to yours. In reality, there are just so many promotional emails sent out daily that they all blend into one. They all are identical in that they all push information without knowing about needs. These discount bearing emails bombard potential customer’s inboxes every day, sometimes several times a day, all the while competing for the attention of the same customer, who at this point is deciding which mailing list to unsubscribe from. You need to make your email promotion stand out, lest you face the mailing list chopping block.

To stay relevant, the answer is to personalize the message that is sent out to the specific needs of the client/customer/guest. Although this may be a pain staking endeavor to pursue, the end results will be astronomical compared to the “One Size Fits All” ad you originally were planning on sending out. Personalization of marketing pieces, ads, and promotional works is currently the most efficient way to make a lasting result in promoting your business to those that are on the receiving end of the advertisement game. Whether the info used to personalize is gained from an in person encounter or from a filled out survey or form, a custom fitted ad is the only way to go for successful email marketing. It will be worth the investment of time and energy spent.


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