Designer Care Packages Sent Straight to Your Door

Originally posted onto 1/20/16


For those who have a tight schedule but still want to keep it fresh in the style department, a service has emerged that aims directly at the “too-busy-to-shop” citizen: Designer clothing care packages.

The setup for the services are simple. You fill out some basic information about your personal style (preppy or jock, classic or hipster, etc…), price range, and of course your sizes. From here, you are assigned a stylist team and at the arranged time, a package arrives filled with hand-picked wardrobe pieces just for you. You try them on, keep what you like, and send back what you don’t. You only pay for what you keep.

Here are a few of the most popular services currently available for men who hate shopping, and for the busy fashionista.

Trunk Club for Men & Women

One of the most formidable of the services available, this particular company offers the same services as the others, but offers an extra step that lets you meet your personal stylist in person for those near a Clubhouse in LA, Washington D.C., Chicago or Dallas. The downside, is that the service is only offered where Trunk Club has a Clubhouse. Understandable, but a bummer for those who live outside of a major city.

Stitch Fix for Women

For the lady considering services that allow her to add new and exciting pieces to her wardrobe but is without time to shop, Stich Fix is one to add to your short list. Although you will get a new stylist every time you are sent a box, having an open mind to trying new pieces that you normally wouldn’t will make this the service for you.

Men’s Style Lab for Men

While some services lock you in for a monthly service that comes regularly until you cancel, Men’s Style Lab is a service that sends when you click and no more than that. Aimed at the man who wants to upgrade his look rather than redefine himself, Men’s Style Lab is perfect for the curious male who wants to causally try something new.

Frank & Oak for Men

This Canadian born company provides men with designer clothes as well as grooming products. With rates slightly lower due to the fact that they manufacture in house, this is a service worth looking into. They also offer a student discount of a whopping 20% off.

Mr. Collection & Ms. Collection For Men and Women

An interesting take on the personal stylist trend, this service allows you to rent the clothes rather than buy. By trading in one pack at a time for another, this service is remarkably cheaper than permanently buying up the clothes sent to you by other services. For those looking to save a few bucks while still looking like you spend a lot more, this is definitely a service to look into.


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