Boxed Wholesale: Bulk Grocery Shopping, Delivered

Originally posted onto 1/21/16


What would appear to be the love child of Costco and Amazon (they are not really affiliated however), Boxed Wholesale is sure to become a major staple of our current boom of convenience services.

This online store presents the service of being able to buy products in bulk, and have those products sent straight to your door, for cheaper than retail. For those desperate shoppers whose schedules just can’t include a run to the nearest Costco or Smart & Final, this is a grocery shoppers dream come true.

With a promise of free shipping on orders over $50 (which if you are in charge of keeping a families fridge and pantry fully stocked through the week, you know you usually are spending much more than that per store visit), it’s convenience that you just cannot ignore.

Unlike deal offering grocery retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco, there is no membership fee to utilize the services of Boxed Wholesale. Simply order as needed using the official app and after signing up, selecting the products you want delivered, and proceeding to checkout, you will have your much anticipated grocery package within as little as 1-3 business days.

Although this window of waiting for your groceries to arrive means you will need to be more preemptive in your grocery shopping to anticipate when you will need to place your order so you can receive it in time, the opportunity to save not only time, but also a solid chunk of change is nothing to shake your tail at.

Saving cash on gas, the membership fees, and even be able to earn reward points on your groceries bought through Boxed Wholesale to use on future groceries is certainly a plus that one doesn’t usually get when driving up to the local warehouse club in person.

Save tons of time normally spent in and on the way to the store by having all the goods sent straight to your door. (Photo courtesy of TidyMom.Net)

The reason why this particular service is able to offer such a sweet deal on everything is the same as how Costco is able to offer their deals to us: the more you buy, the cheaper the cost of individual items. Buying in bulk is the most efficient way of procuring items while also saving on costs, and this new online service is no exception.

The service also caters to businesses. Whether it be a catering company or restaurant that needs a standing order that will come in at a set time each week or month, or a company breakroom that just needs to restock its dwindling pantry, Boxed Wholesale is a service that should definitely be brought up in the next meeting with the office managers.



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