Adorable Hamsters Go Out for a Fancy Valentine’s Day Dinner

Originaly posted onto 2/12/16


Admit it, these hamsters are better at romance than you are.

Just in time for this Sunday’s explosion of love, chocolate, store bought cards and roses, a video has been released by the masters of all things cute over at HelloDenizen of hamsters romantically eating a fancy Italian dinner.

If the sentence “Hamsters eating a fancy Italian dinner” doesn’t make you want to smile ear to ear and implode from a raw cuteness overload, then you might as well stop reading this article right now. The actual video is just what it sounds like, but a million times better than our feeble minds could ever imagine on its own.

These two lucky gerbils were in for a real treat. A happy chef prepares a spaghetti dinner with meatballs for a scene straight out of a Disney movie, but its all, wait for it —HAMSTER SIZED! Kill me now, I just can’t take all of the adorableness coming from our fuzzy little brown friends.

Watch the video here!

These two fist-sized balls of cuteness are chowing down on the most adorable meal you’ll see this year, and it forces us to remember the question we’ve all been ignoring all week: What are you going to do for your sweetheart this Valentine’s day?

We all could certainly take a chapter from these hamsters’ playbook and give our non-hamster partners a memorable “I-Heart-You Day” by giving them the ultimate Italian experience too. Although your dinner won’t be nearly as adorable as theirs, you can still break out the candles, lower the lights, hire a guy to stand in your living room and play an accordion (okay, maybe nix the accordion guy) and make a fancy Italian feast for you and your Valentine.

C’mon, are you really going to let two hamsters show you up on Valentine’s Day of all days with who has better plans?


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