Summer is Sunshine, The Shore, and Sitting at Home.

Today is the day. The time when you could plan a trip to places such as the beach or a day visit to Disneyland with minimal crowds is over. Starting today, all schools and colleges end their semesters.

It was a good run for those of us who took advantage of the small window where all high schools were still in session and most state colleges and universities were all couped up on campus. But alas, the end has come. Not to say that there still cannot be any joy to be had with the new influx of summer revelers. In a way it opens up new avenues to enjoy the time off. Have a friend who went away to attend a far off college stay throughout the year? Chances are they are back in town, so why not reconnect with them? Into crazy parties that tend to be shut down by the police? Most likely you have a friend that picked up the habit of finding parties like this and now they are back in town (we all know a friend or acquaintance like this). Why not hit them up for a crazy night?

Whatever your into, its summer time, and we all should at least try to enjoy ourselves in this three month long break. Make it a rule that you cant spend more than three days in a row at home. You have to do at least one thing that has you come in contact with a friend for more than half the day. That’s not too hard is it?

Make this summer into one you will not forget. Make “Boldness” a theme for the season. Push yourself to try new things. I’m not necessarily saying that you should bungee jump or skydive right after you finish reading this, but make it a point to do something spectacular. Make this summer count, and above all else, have a great summer.


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