Falling for Fall

Finally. The leaves have turned brown, the winds have picked up, Halloween stores are in every vacant lot, pumpkin is the main ingredient in practically every dessert, and now we have to decide which sweater will go best with our ensemble for the day. It’s finally fall.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It’s when it begins to get chilly, which means that sweater season is beginning, and that the holidays are right around the corner. For me, fall is when I begin to contemplate what I want to get out of the many eventful days that are on their way. Ice rinks begin to sprout up and pumpkin patches grow out of nowhere. I see these places and cant help but remember and wonder about going to these kinds of places with friends and loved ones. Whether it was that date to the pumpkin patch or the night out with friends at the outdoor ice rink, it’s the memories that we make in this time of the year that define the fall season for us.

So whether you enjoy the leaf cluttered winds or loath the chill of the autumn breeze, fall is in fact upon us. It’s what you do in this time of the year that makes or breaks it for you. Embrace it. Take advantage of the holidays that are coming towards us and make some memories. Take a loved one out for a pumpkin spice latte or ask that special someone out for a night of ice skating lit by moonlight. Whatever idea you come up with from the many opportunities that autumn holds, make some memories, and don’t forget to wear a sweater, because it’s finally fall.


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