Kids and the race to grow up

“They grow up so fast, don’t they?”. . .  a phrase often sobbed by mothers as they wave their handkerchiefs in the breeze while their little baby drives off to college. More recently, kids in today’s world are seen growing up faster than we can even blink. With the avalanche of today’s adult culture being broadcasted upon children of every age, kids reflect practically everything that they observe adults do, from the clothes that they wear to what they watch as entertainment, modern day children reflect what is seen in adult culture more and more every passing year.

Adult culture can be seen in children almost as if you were looking at a full grown adult themselves. The term “Monkey see, monkey do” comes to mind when it comes to this matter, because children observe their surroundings, memorize it actions, and reproduce them. . . it is just how the mind works.

One example of kids trying to act grown up is the clothes that they wear today. Kids see celebrities like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian and see them as the pinnacle of cool. So, wanting to be cool, they try and reproduce what they have seen. Boys as young as six years old walk (or try to walk) around sagging their pants, wearing trucker hats tipped to the back of their heads and girls as young as eleven years old go about with purses toting poodles inside them and giant sunglasses that match their miniskirts. The glorification of celebrities has entered the minds of children and rewired them so that rather than trying to be like Mom and Dad like in the days of old, kids try to be like their favorite celebrities. Celebrities have taken over the idea of parents being role models for many children all over the world. Pretty much nine out of ten times, a celebrity is not the best person to aspire to be due to their rowdy behavior or immoral lifestyle choices that we see all over the news and inside magazines. One can easily see how this obsession over celebrity happenings is harmful.

Entertainment is the factor at play here. Entertainment has changed over the years, and sadly for the worse. Little by little the networks are letting little things seen by most as inappropriate slip by. From foul language to sexual content, the content on television seen by kids today is changing our children to pick up values and habits that are less than appropriate and just wrong. Children as young as six years old can be heard swearing like sailors on the playground while parents just sit idle on the bench pretending not to hear anything. They too have grown numb to the inappropriate behavior that today’s society deems as “G rated”. Entertainment today can be good at times, but for the most part it has taken a turn for the worse.

Children pick up habits from the people they respect and see the most. The habits can be good or bad, depending on what they are. Children are everywhere with their eyes wide open, taking mental notes on everything adults and older people do, so it is up to the older people to step up and make sure that the messages the kids are receiving are appropriate, and in good taste. What is seen as entertainment today has changed over time, but parents can still control what their kids see and say. If they want their children to grow up to be like Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian, then that is there decision, but if they want their children to grow up in a Christ pleasing environment, then they need to guard the messages that their kids are receiving. From picking up unhealthy habits to choices in wardrobe, children are trying to grow up faster and faster with each passing generation, but it is up to today’s parents to decide just how fast they want their kids to grow up.


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