The Disneyland Effect

Suns barely up, and the kids are running around the house in their bare feet. “Wake up! Wake up! Were going to Disneyland today!” is their high-pitched cry.

This little scenario was not the case for me when I went January 20th. Going to Disneyland is definitely not something to be mellow about, considering it costs over $80 a person just to walk through the gates. However, one thing I’ve realized over the years, is that what excited you when you were growing up as a child, doesnt necessarily have to excite you in that same way when your older.

Flash back to the same event, but 12 years ago. January 19th, 2000: A little chubby (adorably chubby) boy of 6 years of age is literally shaking with excitement due to the fact that tomorrow morning, he will be standing at the gates the Happiest Place on Earth. Present day: An indifferent teenager is standing in his room chatting with his older brother about how if tomorrows activities were to be canceled, he would actually be okay with it.

Morning of January 20th, 2000. The chubby kid is about to throw up because of how anxious he is about getting to Disneyland, but is being forced to wait in the car with his brothers so that his father can pick up a cup of coffee before the trip. Morning of January 20th, 2012: An impatient teenager at Starbucks is complaining to his brother about how the girl behind the counter didn’t leave him any room for creamer in his coffee.

At the gates of Disneyland: January 20th, 2000: The chubby six-year old is about to collapse due to awesome sights of Main St. USA and Sleeping Beauty’s castle. January 20th, 2012: The teenager walks down Main St. USA and remembers the times as a kid that he would flip out over how amazing this place was.

9:00 pm, January 20th, 2000: The weary six-year old is being carried by his father due to how tired he is from running around the park all day. 9:00 pm, January 20th, 2012: The teenager sits with his family at The French Market restaraunt in New Orleans Square sharing about the times they came here in the past years together.

We are getting older. Everybody knows that. Our likes and dislikes change, but typically the things around us do not. We may have enjoyed one particular thing in a certain way in the past, and now that we are older, we might enjoy that same particular thing in a different way. Between today’s me and the me 12 years ago, my perspective on Disneyland went from living a dream to a way to reminisce with my family. We all have that one thing we loved as a kid. We may find it strange that we enjoyed it as much as we did in the past, but we aren’t ever far from falling in love with it again.


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