About Mike M. Washington

Hello, I’m Mike Washington, and this here is my website and digital portfolio.


A Little About Me…

I am a 22 year old writer and author living and working out of Los Angeles, California. I study Marketing, Literature, and Creative Writing in my free time as well as at the University I attend, and I also pretend that I am a Professional Chef whenever I’m alone within the safety of my own kitchen.

I have been working as a professional writer for over 4 years, and worked in management for a good portion of that time. I started as a Fashion and Style editor for a few different websites, and after one opportunity that lead to another and then another, I now cover and report on the world of Personal Finance and Career Management. Sounds like an odd and unexpected jump as far as career moves, which it was, but I wouldn’t change a thing as far as the experiences I have had the good fortune to have gone through.


A Little About My Website…

All of the pieces that you see published here on Mike.M.Washington were written by me, and several of the articles that are scattered about have also been published on other websites too, so if you see a link atop an article that reads “Posted Onto…” that would be where you could find a copy.


Want To Get in Touch?

If you are interested in getting in touch with me, you can say “Hi!” to me here on Twitter, here on LinkedIn, or for more in depth conversations you can reach me via email at MikeMWashington@Gmail.com.

Thanks for dropping by, and feel free to look around …just don’t break anything.



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