That all men were created equal…

As anyone who has access to a calendar would know, yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Like most other people, I see it just as a day where I don’t have to go to work or school, or really do anything important. It’s just a day off.

I was down in Santa Monica with some friends just enjoying the day long vacation when I started noticing a few little things around me. I saw young African-Americans in fancy suits and nice cars, and African-Americans doing street performances drawing large crowds. I saw young African-Americans walking hand in hand with other young Caucasians and a thought slipped into my mind. As bad as it sounds at first, just think about it for a second: less than 50 years ago, African-Americans would have been killed for that.

The simple act of just being a successful black man or being in an inter racial couple was so hated by the white community of the time that they would make it their business to litteraly beat down the colored individual who even thought about  looking at an individual who was caucasian or try to get ahead in life.

Its little things that we don’t even think about that we can thank Dr. King for. What that one man did during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s changed the way the world thinks for ever. Sure there still is racism in this world, and their always will be individuals in this world that see themselves as superior. But that is their problem. Theirs nothing we can do that will change their hearts, however the one thing we can do is show them that we can be succesful in all that we do.

I myself am a quarter African-American, my father being half, and my grandfather being full. My father and grandfather grew up and lived in the time where “White Supremacy” was a flag being waved even by government officials. However, times have changed for the better. Due to the bravery and courage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the African-American was set free.

“Free at last. Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  August 28, 1963


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