Snap. Crackle. Pop.

That’s pretty much what my New Years Eve Night sounded like. There were party poppers going off everywhere, a champagne bottle going off, and I’m pretty sure a few gunshots were in the mix too. New Years Eve is always an interesting time for everybody. However one thing it’s not, is like it is in the movies.

In the movies, New Years Eve is a giant party where there is loud music, dancing, blacklights, neon paint, and everyone is having a great time and no ones bored due to how awesome said party is. The party is a ten out of ten on the awesome scale leading up to midnight, and after midnight hits and every single person in the room is matched up with a hottie-pottoti-with-a-body to kiss at midnight, the party jumps to a twelve out of ten or higher on the awesome scale.

Sounds like a great New Years if you ask me. But realistically, a New Years Eve goes something like this. Day before New Years Eve: Still have no idea what to do tomorrow. I want to do something big but no one’s throwing any parties, and I don’t want to throw one of my own because its way to much work and I’ll have to clean up afterwards…so what do I do? I’ll see what my friend is doing. New Years Eve morning: You ask your friend what they have planned and you scrape together a small gathering of other friends to ring in your new year. Not exactly a party, but enough to feel like your still doing something on New Years Eve.

That was what my New Years Eve was like. I wanted to do something big, and kind of felt disappointed that nothing was going on until my friend told me about the little gathering that happened later that night. I still felt bummed because I knew it wasnt the crazy rave that I had in mind. But it turned out to be a pretty great night. There was only a few of us, but we all had fun that night just being ourselves and catching up with each other. It wasnt what I expected, but sometimes what really happens can be even better than what you expect.


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