Well, here we stand 3 days after Christmas. The multicolored lights are coming down, as well as the trees and the tinsel. One thing that also goes away is the holiday cheer we saw everywhere a week ago. The smiles and acts of kindness given out by strangers now sinks back into the grunts and “hey watch it!”‘ responses that we are so accustomed to the other 11 months of the year. One thing that would be pretty nice is if that overall feel of “Christmas Cheer” could stay with us all year-long.

Now that New Year’s Eve is coming up, why not make it a resolution? Be an overall better person. A simple goal. If we all could make that a point that we strive to hit in this world, then I’m pretty surethis would be a lot better of a place to live in wouldn’t it? But be a “better person”? That seems pretty vague Mike…well yea, it is. Lets look a wee bit closer. Lets describe someone who you enjoy meeting or come into contact with. Most likely someone who’s reliable, always there to listen, or even just someone who just opens the door for others, including strangers. Let that guy who’s trying to make a lane change on the freeway in. Offer to help on old dude with his groceries if they look pretty cumbersome. Help a brother out.

As you probably notice, a lot of the little suggestions I’ve presented to you to be a “better person” fall under the category of just being helpful. Yea, that’s pretty much it. Treat others as you’d like yourself to be treated. If you tripped and totally ate it while jogging, wouldn’t you want someone to come by and help you up? Think about it…


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