First Entry

This is the first post ever on this page, as well as my first step into becoming…..a blogger    -shivers-. I jest of course. Its become apparent to me over time that blogging isn’t just for people who have no one real to talk to, so they turn to the internet. Not at all. From the people I’ve talked too, they say it’s just a great way to put “whatcha got” out there. In a way, it’s an extension of yourself. People like to post what they really care about on their sites and blogs, and wanna know what other people think. Except for the occasional “troll” or bratty 10-year-old who somehow got ahold of his parents internet access, people can be supportive of what people post and share. Which is good for someone such as myself who is taking his first awkward steps into blogger-dom. Hope to share a little more of myself as the days go by.


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